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Bikers were in the spirit at the Third of July Celebration
Thursday, July 8, 2021

By Chris Frost

Tri County Sentry

Camarillo-- The freedom celebration started early at Ventura Harley-Davidson on Saturday, July 3, as the dealership's first-ever Third of July Celebration meant bikers, cool Harleys, classic cars, and lots of camaraderie.


The event had lots of music, great barbeque, apple pie, and contests for best bike and best tattoo.


General Manager Austin Pecoraro said his family just bought the dealership.


"My father Paul is the owner, and we just purchased this store in April," Austin said. "We own Simi Valley Harley-Davidson and Tri County Powersports as well, so this is the new edition."


Austin said his family and the company are very Patriotic.


"It's been a long year and a half going through Covid and everything else, so we figured this is a great opportunity to bring the community in and celebrate our freedoms," he said.


He noted the dealership had a full slate of fun for the attendees.


"We have an American Muscle Car and Truck Show and goody bags for the first 25 participants," he said. "What originally started out as a patriotic bike show has developed into a bike show."


He loves seeing everybody together in the same place for the first time in a long time.


"Especially right now," he said. "It's good to see our regular customers, some new customers, especially with the car show, some people who may have never been to a Harley dealership before. It's the community aspect that is fun for me."


People who stop by and want to check out the Harley dealership for the first time will be pleased.


"They're going to find a whole group of helpful, smart, friendly, and passionate individuals ready to sell them on a good time and help them find their passion," he said. "If they don't have it already, maybe convince them to have a passion for Harley-Davidson. We have a showroom full of motorcycles, new and used, and one of the biggest parts, accessories, and motor clothes departments in all of California."


Austin said Ventura Harley-Davidson has a long history in the community and the county.


"We're here to help our customers feel comfortable and confident in the bikes they ride and the knowledge they have," he said. 


If someone is wondering if a motorcycle is a good fit, stop by and take a look.


"Sit on the bikes, touch the bikes, and get a feel for the environment and the people," he said. "That will help you make the decision. It's easy to fall in love with a Harley-Davidson."


Learning to ride, he said, starts with quality education.


"The California Highway Patrol does a course," he said. "You can sign up, it's a couple of hundred bucks, and they supply the bike. All you have to do is bring a helmet and boots, and you can take their full course. You can have zero experience, and they'll teach you everything you need to know to get your motorcycle license and operate a motorcycle safely."


Ray Mullins brought his 2002 Boss Hoss with a trailer to the event.


"I have a 1937 Ford two-door sedan slant back; I was going to bring that," he said. "I haven't ridden the Boss Hoss for a while, so I decided to bring it," he said.


He said Covid didn't affect him because of the work he does.


"I operate a crane," he said. "I was never home."


Jimmy Cisneros brought his 2006 Boss Hoss with a zz4 motor from GM.


"It's a Chevrolet," he said. "Nothing goes better than apple pie and Chevrolet. It's a V8-powered motorcycle. It's nice to get out. Covid is going away, and people are getting out again. It's a good time. We're going to hang around, and tonight, my wife and I are going out to the Canyon Club to watch a band play."


Mark Fredrickson from the Ventura Chapter of Black Sheep Harley-Davidsons for Christ was among the first groups at the event.


"We've got some others showing up, and we've hung out and helped out a little bit with the dealership," he said. "We love serving these guys, and we buy them lunch at least once a month for the workers. They appreciate that, and it's fun for us to be able to do that."


He said his group also supports the community.


"We support downed biker events," he said. "We are committed to the local church, and we do toy rides and runs. We talk to anybody about living a biker life for Christ."


He brought his Harley-Davidson 2021 Road Glide motorcycle to the event.


"This is the bike I bought on June 5, which is my wife's birthday," he said. "We came down here to kick some tires, and she said this is the bike, Mark. I married up, and I bought this bike for myself."


His group has been riding through the pandemic.


"This is a much better upgrade than m 2003 Fat Boy," he said. "My wife loves being on the Road Glide, but not so much on the Fat Boy."


He bought his first bike at age 14, and the Road Glide is his 10th ride.


"I paid cash for it," he said.  


Ventura Harley-Davidson is located at 1326 Del Norte Rd, Camarillo.