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Chris Frost
Thursday, November 19, 2020

By Chris Frost



Oxnard-- Okay, everyone, here's some advice. Please save your money, and I'm not kidding. It looks like President-elect Biden is going to have a national lockdown to stop Covid-19, and if you count on this state to help, well, good luck.


Have you been out there lately? Dozens of stores are closed, and their lives are ruined. If you're going to hope the Employment Development Department (EDD) will save your bacon, I have a bridge in Brooklyn maybe you'd like to buy. 


Let me remind people what happened last time. Most people waited weeks and weeks to get help. Many got nothing. I know people who got flat-out denied benefits, even though they were laid off due to Covid-19. One guy appealed the decision and never heard anything back from them.


Now we see people waiting in line to get food. Isn't that just what we were hoping would happen? My mother used to tell me; fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, shame on me. Don't be an idiot. If you have money now, put it in the bank. I would stockpile food unless you believe the grocery store is going to keep operating like normal.


Let's talk about this for a while. When you go shopping, you can't get into a store without a mask. That makes me believe that people are getting infected in their homes. If that's the case, how are they going to manage this? Are the police going to check each house and verify if they are alone and wearing a mask? That sets the stage for a lovely Eastern Europe World War II holiday season.


Maybe we can try this instead; wear your mask, wash your hands, and for God's sake if you don't feel well, get tested and stay away from people.


I would also like to know what the President-elect will do to hold China accountable for this virus. Somewhere along the way, people stopped talking about how this situation started in China. If you see a product that is made in China, take the matter into your hands and keep walking.  If you start saving your money so you don't end up penniless when the President-elect locks us down, you can't afford the purchase.


Keep in mind that since fracking is going to go away, there is going to be a mad rush of people getting laid off from their oil jobs and seeking benefits from EDD.  Since all these people will need re-education for some other job, the situation will be worse. What's going to happen when displaced workers apply for student aid from EDD and never hear back or get denied their assistance? Alright, let's say they do get financial aid, and they're ready to learn. Supervisor-elect Ramirez thinks they'll be re-educated for jobs in the new energy economy, but are the colleges prepared for a massive rush of people? Are you going to try and sign up only to find out the class is full? I checked the local college course list, and there is nothing. However, you can be trained as a diesel mechanic. I called the Ventura County Community College District and asked them to call me and talk about this and they never called me back. Did I dig up another lie? That’s what it looks like. Oh yea, while you're at it, you better put aside a whole bunch of money to buy gas.


Don't forget; this is the world you created when you cast your vote.