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Chris Frost
Thursday, October 15, 2020

By Chris Frost


Oxnard-- Guess what? We're at the end of this campaign, and one candidate out there is using trickery and playing people against each other to try and win.


Let's talk about the Fair Political Practices Commission. There is a keyword here, and that is FAIR!!!!


The commission sets the road rules for media outlets, so all candidates get treated the same. This is important. Any media company that favors one candidate over another is a crummy media outlet and should not be supported. Bluntly put, they suck!


Here are the rules: "1) You cannot charge more than your customary rate for comparable advertising. 2) You also cannot favor one candidate over another with your rates. 3) You can give volume or other discounts, so long as they are equally available to all political ad sponsors."


Well, it turns out that one candidate here in Oxnard is trying to play the old shell game to gain an advantage.


Picture this; a candidate calls my boss and asks for a great deal because they made a series of stupid mistakes with campaign advertising budget money and learns about the rules from her.


Here's the problem. That same candidate waits a couple of weeks and calls our brand-new account executive who is trying to earn her bones and makes the same plea. Oh, yea, the rule I just mentioned gets omitted from that conversation. This candidate is so stupid that they don't think we talk to each other. 


Just an FYI, in case you are wondering, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from the University of Northern Colorado. Do you get it? I have a degree in communications!!!


This is a person who wants to set policy, be a budget watchdog, and act in the people's best interest. That sounds like a noble idea, except that candidate looked at the Fair Political Practices Commission rules and said how can I get around this and get my way.


That person does not deserve to be elected and is, at best, unethical.


What makes it worse is that this candidate will shake your hand, look you straight in the eye, and pontificate integrity while at the same time, will look at rules and say that doesn't apply to me. Isn't that just who you want?


I'm sure you'd like to know who pulled this chicanery, but I am going to leave that up to the public for once. I talked about the tax increase on the ballot a couple of weeks ago and called out the whole city for being unengaged when they needed to be engaged. If people did their job and held their elected officials accountable, it might not have happened.


So, when you're out there meeting these candidates, ask them, "Did you use trickery to bypass the Fair Political Practices Commission and get an unfair ad deal at the Tri County Sentry?


One candidate will look you in the face and lie because they couldn't give a frog's fat a** about you. If that candidate gets elected, then you get what you deserve. 


I will continue to do what I always do and ask the questions that piss off candidates because they'd prefer that you're left in the dark.


Now I've had candidates look at me and say, no problem, I won't talk to you. They tried that in Compton, so I published the questions and invited the readers to call, make public comments at meetings, and hold them accountable in every way possible. 


Needless to say, the “freeze me out” strategy did not work well for those candidates. In fact, a couple of them called me the devil. I'll ask all the tough questions to the candidates for our readers, but I always give fair, honest, and unbiased answers. Regardless of what the candidate thinks, the public has the right to know. We'll see who has the cajones to interview with me, the guy who follows the Fair Political Practices Commission rules. My email is at the top of this editorial. Drop me a line. I'm waiting......