Tuesday, July 3, 2018

OXNARD—The Governor's office has approved the State of California budget which includes the allocation of $9.5 million toward the City of Oxnard’s aging Wastewater Treatment Plant.

This was a year-long, joint effort across the State Legislature to help the City of Oxnard fund emergency repairs to its plant. Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin led the efforts to allocate the funding for this urgent need, supported by Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson, Assemblymember Monique Limon and Oxnard city staff members.

“This is fantastic news,” said Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn. “The city has been actively looking for partnerships and cost-effective ways to lower repair costs and lessen the burden on ratepayers. These funds will greatly assist in those efforts, ensure critical repairs are completed in the near future, and enable the wastewater system to improve its services for everyone in the city and neighboring communities. I want to personally acknowledge Jacqui Irwin and those who supported her in making these funds available. She has been a superstar for Oxnard and her constituents.”

Irwin said: “There is an urgent need to upgrade Oxnard’s wastewater treatment plant and this funding will help make repairs that are long overdue. For several months I’ve worked with the City of Oxnard to figure out how the state could provide assistance for this critical project. After working with city staff, I’m proud to say that this is a great first step toward rehabilitating this public works service for the residents of Oxnard.”

Oxnard is a full-service city that serves more than 200,000 residents and hundreds of local businesses. Its wastewater collection system is in need of emergency repairs to prevent a disastrous system failure, which could impact residents and the surrounding sensitive coastal environment. In addition to Oxnard, the treatment plant serves the City of Port Hueneme, the Port Hueneme military base, the Channel Islands community services district and residents in Las Posas.