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Lead singer Don Henry delivered killer vocals at the 80s Invasion concert by the sea. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

By Chris Frost


Oxnard—Channel Islands Harbor captured a slice of righteous tunes from the 1980s, July 6, as attendees of the Concerts by the Sea rocked out to the band "80s Invasion" that delivered a high energy interactive show that had hundreds of people dancing and singing.


The group delivered classic hits from Duran Duran, The J Geils Band, The Ramones, and Tommy Tutone's 8675309, to name a few. Each song was more radical than the last. The vast crowd sang along and many dressed in period attire from the 1980s.


Lead singer Don Henry said the entire band grew up with music from the 1980s and they believe there is no other kind of music.


"My favorite bands growing up were "The Cars and Rush," he said. "Most of us started playing music when we were 12. We all met 10 years ago, and we all shared a love for 80s music. We were all in different bands, and we came together to make the 80s Invasion."


He said, doing his hair in the 80s style is not a big challenge.


"The time is nothing; it's all the hairspray," he said. "It's Aqua Net, which has been around."


Henry said coming back to earth after a show takes a while, and the Channel Islands Concert is no exception.


"Last night was a killer show in Lake Arrowhead, and it was hard to sleep after that," he said.


Bass player, Tim Young had on a mullet wig, leather pants and a skinny checkerboard tie which he said fit the personality of the band better than any other clothes that he owns.


"I've been playing the bass for 30 years," he said. "I have two brothers who played guitar, and two brothers who played drums, so I decided to play the bass for something different."


Renee Stein enjoyed the Concert and spent the evening dancing with her boyfriend, Patrick Gallagher, who she called an "excellent Irish guy who likes whiskey, women and having fun."


"We've been coming for years," she said. 



Local Mobile Dog Groomer Sandy from Sandy Paws said her favorite 80s band is Van Halen.


"I used to hang out with Van Halen, but I don't remember the 80s," she joked. "I'm going to get out there with my dogs, Bonnie and Clyde if they'll let me. I have a great life. My favorite 80s artist was Bruce Springsteen."


Quinn Evans and his girlfriend Lorain Stiffler came from Blythe which he said is a five-hour drive, and both enjoyed music from the 80s but has on t-shirts from Slipknot and Megadeth.


"I listened to a lot of 80s music myself," Evans said. "That's what I grew up with. Over time, I started listening to more 90s and modern music also. Now, I listen to both genres, and when I heard about this, I decided to come over and listen."


Lorain said she likes all types of music, but she and Evans agreed that they never argue about Slipknot and Megadeth.


"I like Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield," she said.


"I like Tesla's Modern-Day Cowboy," Evans added.


Trish Penner, along with City of Port Hueneme Councilman Rich Rollins and his friend Ed Cardona were enjoying the evening and dancing away.


"We are absolutely a product of the 80s," Penner said. "We found some friends here, so it's all good."


Rollins jumped in and said the crew is the number one Pickleball Team in Port Hueneme.


"We rule," he exclaimed. "I'm too old for the 80s. We raised our kids in the 80s, and they were into Nirvana and The Red Hot Chili Peppers."


Rollins grew up during the 1960s and 1970s.


"I was a hippie," he said. "This is an awesome time, and I am going to get out there and dance."


Kit and Shelia Nell brought Jeffrey, her Saint Bernard, and Misty, a Labrador, to the Concert and looked forward to a great evening.


"This is the first concert of the year, and we had to see it," Sheila said. "Celebrate is my favorite 80's song."


For more information about 80s Invasion, visit the band's Facebook page.


We need friends," Henry said.


The Channel Island Harbor Concert Series is from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. each Saturday at Peninsula Park through Aug. 20.


For more information, visit channelislandsharbor.org.

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