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Chris Frost
Thursday, June 3, 2021

By Chris Frost

Tri County Sentry

Oxnard-- You know, there are a few expressions I use and hear that make me a happy guy.


The first expression is "good to go," which is a message to my graphic designer that the latest edition of the Tri County Sentry is completed, proofed, and ready to send to the printer. That means I can take a break for the evening and watch some television. It was a bonus this week because there were a few good movies to watch. 


Let's back up for a second and say another great expression is "this story makes sense to me," which is the J-Train saying she's okay with what I wrote. Of course, if she reads a story about shopping at the Farmers' Market or about dogs, she likes it more than stories about Measure N.


Another happy saying is, "kids, let's take a walk," which is a mutual happy expression for the dogs, the J-Train, and for me. That's a chance for us to get outside, exercise, and for Daisy and Buddy to wish all the neighborhood dogs and cats well. My doctor likes the walk expression since he's been on my case for quite a while and says, "exercise will lower my blood pressure." It also means I need less insulin, which is a good thing.


I got to experience another good experience this morning in the form of an email from one of my credit card companies. That expression is "your new credit balance is zero. That's a good thing because the money I sent each month now goes to my retirement account. I'm not all paid off on everything, but it's a step in the right direction. 


About a year ago, I decided to upgrade my home, which, as I've mentioned before, looked like a rummage sale. That's not the case anymore, but that took some outlay. 


As an older guy, my new focus is saving money, so the J-Train and I can retire someday. The J-Train enjoys spending money, so I needed to remind her that without a retirement account, we need to move into my oldest son Travis's home and live there when we can't work anymore, but she can pitch in with housework. Needless to say, her new expression is now, "how much money have you put into our retirement account?"


Like others, saving money has become more challenging. Have you noticed that it takes more money now to buy groceries? Our bill has gone up quite a bit. It makes sense. If a company is spending a lot more cash on fuel to get the goods to the store, the costs will go up. However, we'll manage; since the voters decided that energy independence is not necessary, the oil prices will go up, and that trickles down to the grocery aisle. I can pinch pennies at the store, I'm good at it, and I'll make it work. I need to lose weight anyway, which hopefully means at my next trip to the doctor will have another happy expression; "good job losing all that weight."


I told you all a year ago to save your money, and, well, keep that in mind when you're spending more money to eat and get gas. Like I said before, it's time to pay the piper.