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City Manager Alex Nguyen (Photo courtesy City of Oxnard)
Thursday, June 17, 2021

By Chris Frost

Tri County Sentry

Oxnard-- In his report to the council, Tuesday, June 15, City Manager Alex Nguyen said unless you've been living under a rock, California’s economy is wide open effective June 15.


"According to the governor, everything is open with almost no capacity limits, distancing required," he said. "There are a few continued restrictions in terms of mask-wearing. According to the state, if you are vaccinated, masks are not required in most places. There are a handful of places where they are required, like large gatherings or travel on an airplane. I believe in schools in grades K-12, if you're not vaccinated, you are supposed to continue to wear a mask. How that is determined, I believe, is based on the individual honor system."


With all that said, the CDC guidelines and Cal OSHA guidelines remain a little bit different and in question.


"The prior system we have been working on, with the various color tiers for the county, those are now essentially moot or expired," he said. "As of today, the state is open economically."


Nguyen reminded the public that the pandemic has not come to a reasonable end. 


"We are still in a pandemic, although it has gotten much better," he said. "This is odd to me, but there are remaining interesting incentives for people who need to be vaccinated, so the pandemic can be fully arrested."


He said residents can win a California Dream vacation to San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, or Anaheim.


"In addition to getting your free donuts and some other free goodies from other corporate entities," he said. "The state is still eager to get more people vaccinated. We're at the point where we've got these various lotteries, and the cash lotteries are also still in play."


Vaccination clinics continue in Oxnard, and he said the information is available on the city and county's website.


The Dallas Cowboys are returning to Oxnard, and they have scheduled a press conference for Wednesday, July 21.


"Practice will begin on Thursday, July 22," he said. "The training camp is scheduled to conclude Aug. 12. We don't have the details yet about how the fan engagement will be this year. The team, staff, and NFL are working out those details. The team will announce them as soon as they are determined. I get the sense there is going to be a hard line of actual fan interaction with the players. My guess is that it's not going to be allowed. Don't be surprised if you're not able to interact with the players at training camp this year."


As we move closer to July 4, Nguyen reminded the public that fireworks are illegal in Oxnard.


"Whether it's possession, sales, or an offer of sales, you are subject to fines up to $1,000 per incident and arrest," he said. "This is something that happens every year, and we work on it as best we can. We're getting more and more resources each year. The bottom line is while fireworks are illegal here, they are legal in communities around us and states around us. It's a challenging situation, and we are going to have an item at the next council meeting to discuss this a little more."


The council chambers has construction scheduled for July and August to upgrade the audio and video infrastructure.


"Part of it requires taking apart some of the structure here, and that triggers asbestos abatement work," he said. "For the purposes of the next two weeks, I made the decision not to reopen the chambers for safety reasons. The economy is open, but the pandemic is not over. I understand there is light at the end of the tunnel, but make no mistake, we're still in the tunnel, and I am not going to risk, any more than necessary, any of our staff or our elected getting infected. Everyone has not been vaccinated, and there is no real way to determine who has been and who hasn't been."