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Communications Manager Katie Casey. (Courtesy photo)
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

By Chris Frost


Oxnard— The Oxnard City Council welcomed its newest team member, Sept. 4,  as Communications Manager Katie Casey was formally introduced to the city.


Casey joined the staff on Aug. 26, and she brings more than 15 years of strategic communications experience in both the public and private sectors to the position.


She will plan, organize and manage citywide communications, public information, community, and media relations, and offer guidance to City departments in public relations matters. 


Deputy City Manager Shiri Klima introduced Casey and said she comes from the West Basin Municipal Water District.


“Before that, she was the PIO (Public Information Officer) for Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach,” she said. “She’s also been an independent public relations consultant and advised different municipalities about different community campaigns.”


Oxnard has been missing a communications manager for over a year, she said, and the vacancy left the city lacking.


“We are fortunate to fill the position with such talent,” she said.


Casey thanked the council for the opportunity to serve residents in the City of Oxnard.


“I look forward to delivering proactive communications,” she said.  “I know that has been a request from the community.  I am looking forward to delivering plans that will send this information out to the residents and also increasing awareness of topics discussed at city hall. I look forward to working with all the residents in the city.”