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City of Camarillo courtesy photo
Thursday, April 1, 2021

By Chris Frost


Camarillo-- During the Camarillo City Council meeting, March 24, Interim Library Director Patricia Crosby updated the Library Board on the curbside pickup effort at the venue and said the public is still making positive comments about the service.


"We were still averaging in February roughly 154 pickups a day," she said. "At the beginning of the month, after our first day being open on Tuesday after the weekend, on February 9, we had the busiest day in February with 193 pickups."


The director search is ongoing, she said, and it will continue.


Trustee Kevin Kildee told the board that the county is not out of the woods yet with Covid-19, but the numbers are trending positive.


"Do we have any idea when we can consider opening the library," he asked.


John Thomas, Assistant Director of General Services, said the city has been tracking the numbers, and they're doing well.


"As I've reported in previous meetings, we are hopeful that we will be within the orange tier, so we might see a library reopening," he said. "As the county is reporting, we could see that in just a matter of weeks ahead. In anticipation of this, the staff and I are working with LSNS on reopening plans, various aspects of operation, services, and what would be included within a reopening. We are having those discussions. We're hopeful that when the time comes, we'll be in place to be able to reopen the library."


Thomas said Camarillo is working with agencies throughout the county, so no one gets ahead of other agencies.


"Some libraries have opened in a limited way," he said. "We're hopeful that when we have a meaningful reopening, where there's more library usage and the ability to have access to materials. It's something that we are looking forward to hopefully sooner than later."


Kildee asked if the Friends of the Library will be part of the equation and will the library keep curbside pickup after it opens?


"The Friends of the Library are also eager to have an opening," Thomas said. "They've been working on a covered worksite plan they've submitted to the county. It's been approved, so they're working on their end to get things ready."


He feels the community will want the curbside delivery to continue after the library reopens.


"We are looking at a plan that would have that continuing along and being part of the reopening planning," he said.


Board President Susan Santangelo said the group received a letter from a resident, and Thomas said he received it, and they'll address any concerns.