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Emmie and Maricela Harriston
Thursday, October 31, 2019

By Chris Frost


Oxnard—Channel Island Harbor was the place to be, Oct. 27, as the Farmers' Market hosted it's annual Pumpkin Fun Day, which meant kids and families alike populated the market ready to load up on treats.


Youngsters of all ages enjoyed an activity table where they could design their personal trick or treat bag. Once completed, they took those bags to the vendors who were ready to greet the kids with lots of candy.


The highlight of the event was the costume parade, followed by a costume contest and prizes for the best and most original outfits.


The kids paraded through the venue, and cameras were flashing throughout the afternoon. There were smiling faces everywhere.


Jackson, Emmie, Maricela, and Ryan Harriston played the Scarecrow, Dorothy, the Cowardly (but brave) Lion and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.


"We live across the street, so we come here often," Ryan said. "Obviously, any excuse for more candy for the kiddoes and us. We'll take advantage of that for sure."


The family had a meeting and decided how many four people group costumes can there be?


"We have a new edition to our family, so the Wizard of Oz is perfect," he said. "Emmie is four months old; Jackson is three years old, and we won't tell mommy or daddy's age."


The family came over with their neighbors, who also had a lion in the family.


"We didn't plan that," Ryan said. 


Maricela said she spent a lot of time putting together the costumes and Enie was ready for his first Halloween.


"Jackson likes chocolate," she said. "He is a chocolate kind of guy."


Princess Anderson brought her son Everett, and he came dressed as the brave lion.


"We're supposed to be lions and tigers and bears, but we are missing our bear," Princess said. "He's at work. I love how family-friendly this is. We come here almost weekly, and Everett loves it. We have some snacks, and if you ever want to cook, you have just about anything you'll ever need. The food here is amazing."


Princess said she is prepared for Halloween.


"Normally, we don't get a lot of kids through the condos, but if we don't, we'll have enough candy through next year," she said. 


Stefan Guttensohn brought his kids Lexi and Nolan, and Uncle Steve from Toronto came along for fun.


"That was my mistake," Stefan said. "They're dressed as kids going to the Farmers' Market."


Nolan said there is only one correct choice for candy this Halloween, and he wasn't shy about it.


"I want lollipops," he exclaimed. "I'm not done yet."


Vendor Maria Antoniello had lots of candy for the kids and was ready for a lot of fun.


"This is a fun time," she said. "Look at all the little ones. They are so cute." 


Maria has loved Halloween since she was a child.


"I love all the decorations and everyone dressing up and having fun," she said. "They're unique. I'm going to be a scarecrow this year."

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