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Public Works and Transportation Committee approves green alleys project
5/16/2019 1:27:18 AM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard-- The Public Works and Transportation Committee approved an agreement with Pacific Coast Land Design Incorporated to perform community engagement and design work for the La Colonia green alleys project, May 14, for $244,252.   Public Works Sustainability Coordinator Eric Humel presented the item to the committee and said the Public Works Department submitted a grant application to the California Natural Resources Agency in 2017, and the project was selected for funding.   The city council approved the grant...

Full council to determine the best path for CalPERS in Oxnard
5/16/2019 1:06:51 AM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard— The Finance and Governance Committee received an update on rising costs associated with CalPERS (California Public Employees' Retirement System), May 14, and discussed strategies to address the issue.   After considerable debate, the committee agreed to bring the item to the full council during a special meeting to examine the issue in detail and make an informed and united opinion.   The item came before the committee at the request of Chairman Tim Flynn, and the body wanted to hear...

Spring Tea celebrates Hollywood
5/16/2019 12:48:51 AM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard— Mother’s Day 2019 was celebrated in grand style, May 11, as the Heritage Square Spring Tea meant big hats, retro outfits and lots of good food.   Celebrants enjoyed a great time with family and friends at tables that celebrated legends of the silver screen and some left with great prizes, courtesy of a raffle filled with treats.   Gary Blum from the Friends of Heritage Square said it takes about four months to get the spring tea ready.   “We vary it every year and do all kinds...

Students snack on bugs in science class
5/16/2019 12:21:09 AM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com   Oxnard— Students at Mrs. Delia Ayala's 6th Grade Science Class at Curren School May 10, enjoyed a different type of culinary treat, as students, teachers, and administrators got to try food made with meals worms.   The project is part of the California State University Channel Islands Junior Science Project that culminated in students creating a mealworm recipe book with illustrations. Along the way, they learned about what a great source of protein mealworms are in someone's diet.   Philip...

Nguyen proposes closing the PACC, the Carnegie Arts Museum, the Colonia Branch Library and employee layoffs during budget session.
5/15/2019 6:02:00 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com   Oxnard— The community budget meetings are underway, and the May 10, workshop had no good news, as the proposed budget includes closing the Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center (PACC), the Carnegie Arts Museum. These cuts eliminate eight positions, and the Colonia branch of the Oxnard Public Library.   Additionally, the city plans to reduce services at Oxnard Fire Station 2 on Pleasant Valley Road to emergency medical services only, plus numerous layoffs throughout the city.   By department,...

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexican pride
5/10/2019 9:33:04 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard--- The community was treated to a huge party, May 4 and 5, courtesy of Lazer Broadcasting, as the radio station held its annual Cinco de Mayo celebration on the Oxnard College Campus.    Attendees enjoyed great live music, danced, enjoyed delicious food and got the chance to win prizes.   Cinco de Mayo celebrations commemorate the Mexican Army's victory over the French troops at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza.   Brenda Madera works...

Doggin’ Around approved for an Oxnard move
5/10/2019 10:27:05 AM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard—The City Council approved planning and zoning permit 18-500-11, a special-use permit, subject to certain findings and commissions for a doggie daycare facility at 481-491 Ventura Boulevard.   The location is the future home to Doggin' Around, currently located in Ventura, but moving to Oxnard.   Community Development Director Jeffrey Lambert said the site has to be approved by the city council and can't be handled by city staff.   "Because of the way the zoning works in this...

SEIU Local 721 stands against possible layoffs
5/10/2019 10:16:44 AM

By Chris Frost chris@trcountysentry.com Oxnard—Members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 721, the Southern California Service Workers, took a stand during public comments at the May 7, Oxnard City Council and expressed their displeasure about potential layoffs in the city.   The city, facing a significant budget shortfall in the fiscal year 2019-2020, has discussed the potential for employee layoffs, but City Manager Alex Nguyen has not made any recommendations yet.   Patricia Garcia led off the comments on behalf of SEIU and...

Entrepreneur Gals Expo celebrates women in business
5/10/2019 10:07:50 AM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard-- A celebration of beauty, art, color and personal initiative filled the Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center May 4, as the Fourth Annual Entrepreneur Gals Expo was a great event for all.   Shoppers got to peruse meticulously crafted pieces of art created by women and left with great treasures for themselves or something special for mom just in time for Mother's Day.    Linde Clark from Lotus Productions organized the event said this is her fourth Entrepreneur Gals Expo, which includes art...

Lawn Bowls inspire competitive fun
5/10/2019 10:00:33 AM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard--- Sunny skies and warm weather meant a big crowd at the Oxnard-Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club at the Wilson Senior Center, May 3, as a large group enjoyed the afternoon, got some exercise and had some good-spirited competition.   Lawn Bowls, known to many as "Bowls" is played throughout the British Commonwealth on a 120 ft. X 15 ft. rink within a 120 ft. Square green. The objective of the contest is to roll the bowl the closest to a small white ball, called the jack, at the other side of the...