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Really Really Free Market draws a crowd in Ventura
3/4/2020 7:10:50 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Ventura--A warm sun and light breeze highlighted the day at Kimball Park, Feb. 29, as the Ventura Really Really Free Market came off without a hitch, and people left with happy faces and free goodies.   Food Not Bombs hosted the event and served delicious vegan breakfast burritos, and had workshops on knitting, Chinese gongfu tea, screen printing, and seed exchanges.   Attendees brought their picnic blankets and shared their books, food, video game tools, and electronics. The event was free, with no questions...

HHS removes images of condoms from HIV/AIDS awareness Fliers
3/4/2020 6:06:04 PM

By Rachana Pradhan Kaiser Health News   The Department of Health and Human Services stripped from a government website HIV/AIDS educational material that featured condoms, calling the images “unapproved,” according to official correspondence obtained by Kaiser Health News. The images had been included in a 2017 fact sheet posted by HHS’ Office on Women’s Health to mark National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. A directive to remove it from HHS servers was contained in an Aug. 1, 2017, email from a junior department employee to Palladian...

Starr reveals “legal blunder” on Measure B
3/3/2020 8:41:35 PM

Moving Oxnard Forward   Oxnard-- The Oxnard City Council thinks they’re playing a clever game with voters … but they actually broke the law … again! Way back in 1973 the Oxnard electorate voted to separately elect the mayor with a two-year term –– after residents gathered signatures to place the matter on the ballot. Stay with me. You’ll see why this is important in a moment. On October 15, 2019, when the council voted...

Starr, Percell and Nguyen offer different visions of a better Oxnard
3/2/2020 2:41:55 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard-- Part three of the Measure B debate continues with Moving Oxnard Forward Co-Founders Aaron Starr and Alicia Percell saying that they believe in Oxnard and believe it has much potential.   Starr. Percell and Oxnard City Manager Alex Nguyen made impassioned arguments over Measure B at Oxnard College on Feb. 12, at the debate hosted by the League of Women Voters.   Measure B Prohibits councilmembers and planning commissioners from accepting gifts from lobbyists and contractors; eliminates the influence of...

Starr calls Measure B a naked power grab by Nguyen during debate
3/1/2020 7:19:28 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com   Oxnard-- The conversation about Measure B continues with Moving Oxnard Forward Co-Founder Aaron Starr saying a limit on gifts makes a lot of sense if it is a properly written ordinance that applies to paid lobbyists.   The League of Women Voters were the host of a spirited debate on Measure B at Oxnard College, Feb. 21, as Alicia Percell and Aaron Starr from Moving Oxnard Forward, made their case for their ballot initiatives.   Measure B Prohibits councilmembers and planning commissioners from accepting...

Murphy Auto Museum Grand Reopening raises the roof
2/29/2020 9:50:36 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com Oxnard-- It was a great evening at the Murphy Auto Museum, Feb. 22, as the venue held its grand reopening at its new location, 1930 Eastman Avenue.   The evening had all the elements of a vintage car event, including classic cars, live music, and an art show in the Fireball Gallery that was loaded with great pieces of art. The evening also had food, refreshments, and the star of the show, the classic cars, that accentuated the point that the classics are a pure art form.   The team had a dedication ceremony before...

Measure B debate has Nguyen Starr and Percell offering different perspectives
2/28/2020 10:27:49 AM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com   Oxnard—The League of Women Voters were the host of a spirited debate on Measure B at Oxnard College, Feb. 21, as Alicia Percell and Aaron Starr from Moving Oxnard Forward, made their case for their ballot initiatives.   Starr and Percell spent the later part of 2019 gathering signatures for five ballot initiatives which included:  •    Road Repairs – Requires city hall to improve city streets and alleys over time as a condition for continued collection of...

Judge halts plan to move virus patients to California city
2/28/2020 8:45:29 AM

COSTA MESA (AP)—A court temporarily blocked the U.S. government from sending up to 50 people infected with a new virus from China to a Southern California city for quarantine after local officials argued that the plan lacked details about how the community would be protected from the outbreak. A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order late Friday to halt the transportation of anyone who has tested positive for the new coronavirus to Costa Mesa, a city of 110,000 in the heart of Orange County. U.S. District Judge Josephine L. Stanton scheduled a hearing on the issue...

Getting to the heart of Presidential fitness: How much do we need to know?
2/28/2020 8:40:00 AM

By Julie Appleby Kaiser Health News   Differences in health policy weren’t the only bones presidential candidates had to pick last week. They also sparred over details of their personal health. And with the next debate and Super Tuesday primaries fast approaching, these skirmishes are likely to escalate. In the run-up to the Las Vegas Democratic presidential primary face-off, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ national press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, told CNN that opponents are trying to use his October heart attack against him. Then she mistakenly claimed...

Therapist tries to restore elderly's dignity through music
2/28/2020 8:25:59 AM

By Kelsey Rettke   DEKALB, Ill. (AP)—Jen Conley still remembers her home phone number from growing up with her six siblings because her mother taught them to memorize the digits to the tune of “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” “Music is a wonderful mnemonic,” Conley said. “You can't often recite a poem from a decade ago but if you hear a song from a long time ago, those lyrics all come back.” Conley, 50, of DeKalb, is a music therapist and specializes in sessions for the elderly, dying and ailing. She's building her own private...

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