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Freedom from the house is a great thing
6/11/2020 1:15:45 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com   Oxnard-- The world is slowly coming back to life, and I couldn't be happier.   First of all, let's review the list of things that I won't miss at all. I am sick of the stay at home movie marathons. It also seems odd that too many times the stay at home marathon stars Adam Sandler. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy Adam Sandler movies, but I can now recite the dialogue without any problem.   There is some good news, I guess. I now consider myself an expert about the 1960s,'70s, '80s, and...

Stopping racism starts at home as the conversation elevates through the community
6/11/2020 1:13:37 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com   Oxnard-- The conversation about racism in the United States, and how the country will move forward, continues with the council, elected officials, and members of the public offering their insights about the best way to end the problem.   Murder and hatred rocked the United States as the death of George Floyd touched off a wave of violence and bloodshed across the country when Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin stepped on Floyd's neck until he died.    Buildings were looted, damaged and burned...

Feeding the frontline benefits local farm workers
6/11/2020 1:10:57 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com   Oxnard--Area residents showed their tireless commitment to the community, June 6, as the Feeding the Frontline Food Giveaway proved once again that no matter what the problem is, someone in the area is ready to help.   Cars were lined up for as far as you could see, as Clinicas, the Port of Hueneme and, Nyeland Promise, plus a large group of volunteers, all pitched-in to keep the line moving.   Throughout the event, a youth Mariachi Group kept playing music as the Inlakech Cultural Arts Center turned into a...

Tuba Tuesday is a welcome Silver Strand Treat
6/11/2020 12:32:26 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com   Oxnard- It started just like a normal and ordinary evening in Silver Strand, June 9. Residents got home from work, walked their dogs, visited with each other, and enjoyed life by the beach while waiting for the day that the COVID-19 cloud lifts from their lives and the world returns to normal.   From a distance, you could hear the sound of a tuba playing, but it did not cause too much commotion as people went about their business.   As the tuba playing got louder, people started to gather in their yards...

California rules on the reopening of gyms, hotels, camps
6/11/2020 11:05:06 AM

SACRAMENTO (AP)—California released guidelines Friday for the reopening of a range of businesses, including gyms, family entertainment such as bowling, day camps and hotels. Counties can allow the reopening starting June 12. Across the board, businesses are expected to provide workers with face coverings, ramp up cleaning protocols and make it easier for people to stay six feet apart.   FITNESS CENTERS Gyms should consider reservations to limit the number of people in the facility. They should put hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes near exercise machines, changing...

Maker of COVID-19 forecast models is urging caution
6/11/2020 11:03:32 AM

By Lenore Sobota NORMAL, Ill. (AP)—As the state prepares to ease some restrictions designed to limit the spread of the coronavirus, an Illinois State University professor who has been developing models of the pandemic since January is urging caution. “Every model we look at agrees on one thing, it is too soon to remove the lockdown measures,” said, who also serves as editor in chief of “Letters in Biomathematics.” The peer-reviewed journal publishes mathematics and statistics research related to biological, ecological, medical, and environmental...

'Back in the game': SpaceX ship blasts off with 2 astronauts
6/4/2020 9:41:17 PM

By Marcia Dunn   CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP)—A rocket ship built by Elon Musk's SpaceX company thundered away from Earth with two Americans on Saturday, ushering in a new era in commercial space travel and putting the United States back in the business of launching astronauts into orbit from home soil for the first time in nearly a decade. NASA's Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken rode skyward aboard a white-and-black, bullet-shaped Dragon capsule on top of a Falcon 9 rocket, lifting off at 3:22 p.m. from the same launch pad used to send Apollo crews to the moon a...

Fox News reporter attacked, chased from demonstration
6/4/2020 9:40:16 PM

By David Bauder   NEW YORK (AP)—A Fox News reporter was pummeled and chased by protesters who had gathered outside the White House early Saturday as part of nationwide unrest following the death of George Floyd. For several journalists across the country, the demonstrations were taking an ominous, dangerous turn. A television reporter in Columbia, S.C., was hurt by a thrown rock Saturday and a journalist in Minneapolis was shot in the thigh by a rubber bullet. A television news photographer in Pittsburgh said he was beaten by demonstrators, and police in...

Mass gatherings, erosion of trust upend coronavirus control
6/4/2020 9:38:29 PM

By Mike Stobbe   NEW YORK (AP)—Protests erupting across the nation over the past week—and law enforcement’s response to them—are threatening to upend efforts by health officials to track and contain the spread of coronavirus just as those efforts were finally getting underway. Health experts need newly infected people to remember and recount everyone they’ve interacted with over several days in order to alert others who may have been exposed, and prevent them from spreading the disease further. But that process, known as contact tracing,...

Gyms, health facilities get back to sweating post-quarantine
6/4/2020 9:37:03 PM

By Adam Hunsucker   MONROE, La. (AP)—In the seven years since Cesar and Allison Camacho founded INFIT, the couple have paired a unique approach to fitness with an engaging, personal touch to help members achieve their goals. The goal at INFIT is to redefine the gym experience. The Monroe-based facility, located at 1816 Glenmar Avenue since 2017, offers personal training and group classes alongside weight management and nutrition coaching. A loyal following has kept INFIT afloat during the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Some members even continued paying dues instead of...