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A season for hope and just action
4/7/2021 3:35:46 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   Passover and Easter celebrations are times of joyous sacredness with family and community rituals centered on the promises of deliverance, new hope, and rebirth—promises we desperately need. As beloved Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu said about Easter: “In the middle of our faith is the death and resurrection. Nothing could have been more hopeless than Good Friday—but then Easter happened, and forever we have to become prisoners of hope.” The American World Jewish...

Savvy Senior - How to search for senior discounts in 2021
4/1/2021 6:47:52 PM

Dear Savvy Senior, I just turned 60 and would like to find out the best way to go about locating senior discounts. Looking to Save   Dear Looking, One of the best, yet underutilized perks of growing older in the United States is the many discounts that are available to older adults. There are literally thousands of discounts on a wide variety of products and services including restaurants, grocery stores, travel and lodging, entertainment, retail and apparel, health and beauty, automotive services and much more. These discounts—typically ranging between...

Ants, ants, ants, where's the uncles
4/1/2021 6:14:51 PM

Dr. James L. Snyder   I have learned in my life that the small things are the ones that get you down. You would think the big things are the ones to steal most of your time. But those big things call attention to themselves from the very beginning. You know they're there, you know you have to do something about it, and so you do. The little things in life, usually unnoticed and ignored, cause most of the problems. Everybody has their definition of what a "small problem" really is. A small problem for me is finding the pen I need for a particular...

Savvy Senior - Do I need to sign-up for Medicare if I’m still working?
3/23/2021 1:33:03 PM

Dear Savvy Senior, I will turn 65 in a few months and plan to keep working for several more years. I have good health insurance from my employer now. Do I have to sign up for Medicare when I reach 65? Looking Ahead             Dear Looking, Whether you need to enroll in Medicare at 65 if you continue to work and have health insurance through your job depends on how large your employer is. The same rules apply if your health insurance comes from your spouse’s job....

Be careful what you smile about
3/23/2021 1:28:12 PM

Dr. James L. Snyder   THE PARSONAGE—I am a student of smileology and have been just about all my life. If you can't smile at something, it's not worth thinking about. Of course, certain things in life are serious, but not that many. Too many people take everything seriously and ruin their life. These are the kind of people I like to be around because they take things so seriously and because of that, the jokes on them. When I see somebody that looks sad, I have an impulse to try to do something to make them laugh. It is that smile on our face that defines...

COVID-19 vaccines: Finding the right facts
3/23/2021 1:04:09 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   I learned my first lessons about injustice and health growing up in segregated Bennettsville, South Carolina. I remember being awakened in the middle of the night after a Black migrant family’s car collided with a white truck driver’s vehicle on the highway in front of our church parsonage, and the horror I felt when my Daddy, siblings and I witnessed the white ambulance driver and attendant arrive on the scene only to leave behind the seriously injured Black migrant workers after they saw that the two...

Increased broadband access for underserved explored in Ventura County
3/17/2021 4:27:36 PM

By Chris Frost chris@tricountysentry.com   Ventura-- The Ventura County Board of Supervisors, on March 16, adopted a resolution supporting increased broadband access to underserved areas throughout Ventura County.   Broadband encourages economic growth and brings more businesses to Ventura County, needing a connection to the internet.   In August 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a broadband executive order that established a new 100/100 Mbps Broadband Action Plan.   The plan deploys affordable and reliable broadband networks...

Savvy Senior - Keeping Your Balance as You Age
3/17/2021 1:28:58 PM

Dear Savvy Senior, What can you tell me about balance exercises? I’ve fallen a few times over the past year and have read that balance exercises can help me regain my steadiness, but I’m not exactly sure what to do. Unsteady at 70   Dear Unsteady, Most people don’t think much about practicing their balance, but they need to. As we age, our balance declines if it isn’t practiced, which can lead to falls that often result in a broken bone. Every year more than one in four people age 65 and older fall, and the risk increases with age....

God will never scam me
3/17/2021 1:24:43 PM

Dr. James L. Snyder   Once when I wore a younger man's suit I would take anything free. I assumed it was my right to get something free. Then I had a conversation with my grandfather. If anybody knew how to squeeze a buffalo out of a nickel, it was my grandfather. But you couldn’t trick him by offering him something free. He said to me, "Son, if it's free, it ain't for me." Explaining that, he said, "For everything free, somebody, somewhere has to pay for it." At the time, I just chuckled and fluffed off this advice. After...

The American Rescue Plan: Giant strides forward on child poverty
3/17/2021 12:53:05 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   The “seed experiment” is a favorite science project from preschool on up: A child plants identical seeds in two pots. She places the first pot inside a dark closet and leaves it there. She then puts the second one in a sunny spot and waters it every day, and waits to see what will happen. It’s very easy for even the youngest children to figure out that their seedlings need the basics—sunlight and water—if they are going to survive and thrive. The same is true for children. The past...