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Massacres in El Paso, Dayton underscore that political violence right or left is never the answer
8/8/2019 3:49:30 PM

By Robert Romano   After a bloody weekend that saw 29 killed in mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, the nation must once again face and confront the scourge of political violence and terrorism that is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society on the extreme ends of the political spectrum, right and left. An anti-immigrant manifesto that has been linked to the shooter in El Paso who supported President Donald Trump praised the Christchurch mosque shooting in New Zealand in March and the racist manifesto the shooter left behind there. The El Paso...

And then, there it was
8/8/2019 3:43:30 PM

Dr. James L. Snyder   It is not that I do not like to travel; I just don’t like to leave home. I am quite comfortable at home where I have everything I need within easy reach. Sometimes I have to travel to a conference or something, which is rather inconvenient for me. However, as my friend used to say, “That’s life.” According to my calculations, I would have to travel 13 hours to get to my destination. I pondered for a long time whether it was worth it or not. Then the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage said, “Go ahead. You need a...

Realizing a Dream for Our Children
7/18/2019 2:12:54 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman   This week, clergy, seminarians, religious educators, community organizers, young adult leaders and other faith-based advocates in the intergenerational, interracial, multi-ethnic, ecumenical community pursuing justice for our nation’s children will come together at the Children’s Defense Fund’s Haley Farm in Tennessee for the 25th Annual CDF Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry. The theme for this year’s gathering is “Guide Our Feet: Pursuing Justice for All God’s Children.” As we focus...

The United States of Overreaction
7/18/2019 2:07:37 PM

By Matthew Johnson   On July 4, at a Starbucks in Tempe, Arizona, six police officers were asked to either move out of a customer’s line of sight or leave the establishment because they were making a patron uncomfortable—for being police.  As a progressive-minded American who believes certain (unjust) laws are meant to be broken and who strongly opposes any manner of police abuse or overreach, I am not particularly comfortable around police myself (although, admittedly, I am white and tend to get the benefit of the doubt during confrontations). However, I...

New Levels of Shame
7/4/2019 11:55:49 AM

By Marian Wright Edelman   It is inconceivable that the latest headlines come from a civilized nation. “Detained Migrant Children Denied Adequate Food, Water & Sanitation in Texas.” “There Is a Stench: No Soap and Overcrowding in Detention Centers for Migrant Children.” “‘The Taliban gave me toothpaste’: Former captives contrast U.S. treatment of child migrants.” Last week’s Associated Press report exposed the details of the inhumane conditions and neglect at the Clint, TX Border Patrol station: “Lawyers warn...

Let The Summer Fun Begin
7/4/2019 11:54:06 AM

Dr. James L. Snyder   Now that summer is upon us, we can turn our back on those frosty days of winter. I like winter as long as it is in the past tense. Otherwise, all that cold tenses me up something terrific. Now that summer is upon me, I can sit back, relax and enjoy those crazy, lazy days of summer. My plans for the summer have already been established. I have a little notebook with all the things I plan to do during the summer. If someone were to open that little notebook, they will find, much to their surprise, not a thing written on any page. That is precisely...

Why Doesn’t the Supreme Court Want Americans to Know How Many Illegal Aliens There Are in the U.S. Right Now?
7/4/2019 11:44:43 AM

By Robert Romano   The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a citizenship question can be included in a Census under the U.S. Constitution, however a narrower 5 to 4 majority threw out the specific rationale used by the Trump administration for the 2020 Census, remanding the case to lower courts for adjudication. Chief Justice John Roberts, joining the higher court’s liberal justices, stated “We do not hold that the agency decision here was substantively invalid. But agencies must pursue their goals reasonably. Reasoned decision-making under the Administrative...

One man’s joke is another man’s discount Dr. James L. Snyder
6/20/2019 10:12:43 AM

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were dining out at a very nice restaurant. We had been on the road for two days and were weary of travel. At least, I was. Nothing I hate more on a vacation than travel. But this time it was not so bad because my wife was doing all the driving. She’s an excellent driver because she had the world’s best teacher. I admit that I was her teacher. We were seated and began looking at the menu. Then my wife said, “You don’t take very many things seriously, do you?” We both laughed, but I knew she was right....

Watching a Father & Son By Bill Fletcher, Jr.
6/20/2019 10:10:59 AM

You must have seen the video. A father speaking with his pre-verbal son about the season finale of Empire. The video went viral at warp speed and DJ Pryor—the father—was overwhelmed by the outpouring of emotion that the interaction with his son evoked. I have watched the video several times and love it. What especially struck me, and continues to, is that Pryor does not speak “baby talk” to his son, Kingston Jierre. He is holding a conversation and his son is attempting to do likewise. The son looks back and forth between the television and his father, moves his...

Immigrant children are still children By Marian Wright Edelman
6/20/2019 10:09:39 AM

The Trump administration’s cruel treatment of children and families at the border has not stopped. Children continue to die in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), including 16-year-old Carlos Gregorio Hernández Vásquez, who died May 20 just hours after being diagnosed with the flu. Despite the law requiring unaccompanied migrant children to be transferred to the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) within 72 hours, Carlos had been held for more than a week in a processing center in McAllen, Texas where CBP said “large...